4 Tools to Increase Conversion Rates at your E-commerce Store

Setting up an online store is the stepping stone towards a successful venture. After the initial set-up of a website, attracting traffic is the primary focus of most E-commerce businesses. However heavy traffic isn’t a surety of a successful e-commerce business as conversion rates can be quite troublesome.

Quite surprisingly only 5% marketing budget is spent on conversion optimization by most companies. Hence what use is the excess traffic on your website if it can’t convert to revenue for the business? Furthermore, one third businesses report to have conversion rates of less than 1% whereas the average conversion rate is 1.5% globally. There are multiple opportunities for E-commerce businesses to grab more profits with advanced tools and technology.

4 of the most profound tools available are as follows:


As the cliché goes, first impression is the last. Hence it is extremely important to focus on the aesthetics of your e-commerce store. Shopintegrator helps you achieve that objective by completely transforming your existing site into a phenomenal e-commerce store. It will provide you with a pleasing, clean, feature loaded website that would attract more customers.

The platform is user-friendly and highly customizable enabling you to integrate it with your existing website or social media accounts. You can also add on features such as “Buy Now” buttons to your emails or Twitter accounts. The platform is quite multi-disciplinary and will load in all major platforms.

Attracting foreign and ensuring proper payment procedures is quite a hefty task however Shopintegrator solves this issue by providing options of 12 third party payment methods and 7 storefront languages. Hence if you want to go global, it’s imperative to upgrade your existing website.

From the UX design features to the high-end security, Shopintegrator provides a quick solution that would enable a beautiful e-commerce store while keeping the customer’s personal data secure.


Many potential customers put in stuff in their carts however at the very last moment, they abandon their carts without completing the checkout process. Rejoiner provides a solution to this Shopping Cart Recovery problem. With easier to use interface and a trial version, Rejoiner helps conversion percentage rise.

Rejoiner basically sends in reminding emails to customers about their abandoned carts and also provides actual statistics including abandon rate, email open rate, etc. to help you tweak your marketing strategy.

With high claims of 4*ROI every month, the team at Rejoiner is highly competent in integrating the platform according to your personal needs. The emails are customized and responsive but Rejoiner won’t spam your potential customers but decide according to the customer behavior instead.

Conversion on Demand

COD is another cart abandonment recovery software however it uses non-conventional methods to help customers check-out. Some of these methods include.

The Cart Closer – The platform senses that the customer might leave so it showcases some offers.

Time2Buy – This is a clock timer that encourages reluctant customers into converting revenue for the business.

Email Booster – Using a non-intrusive widget, it helps in email marketing of the store.

Daily Deal Bar – A bar is displayed at the top of the site which keeps the customers coming back to the site.

The platform offers customer behavior features such as CrowdWisdom. It helps you compare with other users of the platform and monitor your progress efficiently.


Customer reviews are an integral part in the decision process of most potential customers. Staggering 80% of customers trust online reviews whereas 40% regularly read them influencing their buying decisions.

Yotpo is a tool that allows the site to generate authentic reviews. As after a purchase, Yotpo sends email to the customers and ask for their review on the product while bragging some discount offers in it. You can effectively monitor your marketing campaigns outreach while posting authentic reviews about your products on your social media accounts.

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